Health Triggers and Preventive Medication

Our body send signals related to some of the challenging diseases well before the situation become critical and quite often we ignore them.

As mentioned in the article on “These 4 Things Happen Right Before a Heart Attack” 1, body send some signals and some of these signals are related to Heart Attack.

Data Science and Analytics can help in linking the triggers which are strongly related to the diseases.  And educating patients and customers about these signals can save lives. Some of the key activities are first defining the events or triggers.  Once we define the events or triggers, then important things would be to link them with the different medical complications.   Some of the statistical techniques and analytical frameworks can help in finding out the strength of relationship.  The event or trigger based insights can help  the medical practitioners to recommend require investigations or actions to the patients and reduce the health risk for the patients.

One of the other angle could potentially be identified would be to estimate time between an event and serious complications

If non significant events are used for recommendations and the patients would not take next recommendation (may be serious one)  positively and also inaccurate triggers will cause waste of money & time for medical practitioners.

The advantage of identifying the triggers are

  • Understanding the factors which are linked to a disease and why?
  • Taking measures for Preventive Medication for the clients/patients
  • Recommending life style and other changes for the clients
  • Reducing medical expenses and  complications for the clients


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