Marketing Campaign Management

Marketing Campaign: What is a campaign?

A marketing campaign is a program to achieve a specific objective by communicating to a group of customers or prospects.  The campaign objective could be to introduce a new product or services, cross sell a product, or provide incentive to retain a customer.

Campaign Life Cycle

A marketing campaign involves multiple stages in its life cycle. The campaign stages remain similar irrespective of type and objective of a campaign.  A successful campaign has following stages.

  • Campaign Objective
  • Campaign Plan
  • Campaign Execution
  • Response Capture
  • Measure & Analyze

Marketing Campaign Life Cycle

Marketing Campaign Life Cycle

Campaign Objective

A campaign planning and execution start with finalizing an objective which an organization wants to achieve through the campaign. For example, a bank wants to target customers for a term deposit product or a retailer want to attract customers to the store.

Campaign Plan

A successful campaign requires a detailed and proper plan. A campaign plan has some of the following activity planning

  • Target group: Who are the target customers and prospects?
  • Communication Channel: What will be communication media or channel?
  • Creative: What will be communicated to the target group?
  • Offer:  What is targeted offer if the campaign is sales campaign?
  • Schedule: What will be campaign execution schedule?
  • Response capture & support: How target group response will be captured and what is the plan to meet the response?
  • Measurement: What is a plan to capture response and measure success of a campaign?

Campaign Execution

A proper campaign plan adds value only by a successful campaign execution. A successful campaign execution requires a lot of coordination with creative agencies, internal teams – finance for budget approval & analytics team for target groups identification – , and communication agencies for direct mailing (DM) and emailing.

Response Capture

An organization has to plan and put in place a system to capture campaign response. Response capture will help in identifying what is working and taking require steps. For example, if a campaign is to promote a term deposit and has positive response from the target group over the phone, the bank has to take required action to meet the increased response.

Measure & Analyze

An organization executes thousands of campaigns every year. They have to measure and analyze campaign response to learn and improve future campaigns.