Marketing Strategy to grow Mortgage Business

Geo Focused Strategy

The demand for mortgage loan is very closely linked to economic and developmental activities. Development activities may vary across states and cities; hence the financial institution should align their mortgage growth in tendon with geo-development. Also, supply of new mortgages will vary by different geography. Based on whether majority of mortgage loan demand is for new home or re-sale home, the customer acquisition strategy may be different.

Below graph illustrate mortgage price rise across cities in India for the year 2012. With the assumption is that prices and demand are linked (if higher mortgage demand, appreciation in mortgage price will be higher), the demand for mortgage across cities will be different. One caveat, the financial institutions will have to look at the longer term mortgage growth for building right geo focus strategy for mortgage growth.

 Mortgage Price Changes

Typically, the financial institutions have collaborations with builders to generate the leads for new mortgage.

Mortgage Advisor Led

Over the years, the customer channel behavior has undergone a huge change. A lot of customers are moving to direct channels such as web, social media channels. But, customers still trust or depend on financial advisor or mortgage broker for financial product discussions and especially for mortgage loan.

The bank or financial institution are moving or will move to have specialized financial advisor to help their customers make right decisions. And the Mortgage Brokers or Financial Advisors who are well equipped to help the customers will be differentiators in growing mortgage book.

The lenders will have to build right financial advisor incentive program to reward right behaviors. Also, how effectively data driven insights helps their advisors in understanding the customers and advising them appropriately.

For example, the leads for mortgage loan may have been generated based on predictive model or customer web activities such as customer enquire about the mortgage. The leads will be passed on to a financial advisor. The financial advisor will be able to help the customers appropriately if it knows about the customers. What is relationship of the customer with the financial institution? What are the demographic details?

Digital Platform: Social Media & Web

Contribution of digital marketing spend is going up. A lot of digital channel came into existence in the last few years. Social and Web channel are expected to key focus for most of the organizations. Financial Institutions have been slow and conservative in moving to digital channels. But gradually they are speeding up.

Increased numbers of customers do research online and read reviews before walk into a branch or take decisions, also trust peer reviews for their decisions3.

Financial Aggregator websites are also important in generating leads. The examples of aggregator websites are listed in the reference.

Social Media and Web can help the financial institutions to create leads including for mortgage product2, 3.  Based on target segment, the financial intuitions can advertise or engage prospective customers over the social or web channels.


  • Professionals aged between 30 and 40 years are the target segment. They have built fund for down payment and also settled in their professional career. They are looking to own their house.
  • Professional aged between 30 and 40 years are more likely to be active on social media channel “Social Media” and are members of these groups “Group A”, “Group B”
  • Formulate digital media strategy to engage the prospective customers from these groups
    • Brand engagement: Create awareness and positive perceptions about financial institution
    • Education Series around mortgage market, risk, opportunities etc
    • Create advocates
    • Assign financial advisors to these groups engage and share information


  4. Aggregators Websites  and
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