Predictive Modeling Application

A predictive model is being used or can be used across industry vertical and business areas. A predictive model helps in identify target event using set of attributes or variables.

A few examples of Predictive Modeling applications across business verticals are listed below

Banking and Financial Services

  • Application Scorecard for approve loans/creditcard
  • Behaviour Scorecard for assessing and monitoring portfolio risk
  • Cross Sell Model for identify prospect for cross sell campaigns
  • Retention Model for identifying customers likely to attrite
  • Fraud Model for identifying fraudulent transactions
  • Claim Modeling for Insurance Customers


  • Campaign Response Model  for soliciting an offer  to the customers
    • Customer in-activity or dormancy modeling to find customers who are expected to go dormant


  • Churn Model  to identify the customers who are likely to change to competitors
  • Response Modeling to identify customers  who are likely to take up additional services
  • Renewal Model – identify customers are less likely to renew the mobile plan

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