Telecom Analytics

Telecom Companies provide Mobility (example Mobile connectivity, Wireless-Internet), Internet (example Internet-Broadband), Phone (example –fixed landline)   and TV related product and services.  Increased competition between telecom service providers forced them to leverage Data Analytics and Insights for

Telecom - Data Analytics & Insights

Telecom – Data Analytics & Insights

    • Creating Customer Experience
    • Operational Efficiency
    • Bringing Innovative products
    • Building effective partnership with vendors

Customer Data Analytics

  • Customer Acquisition Strategy:  Formulating cost effective ways to acquire new customers
  • Customer Value &Profitability Analysis: Understanding value of the customers acquired across channels and identifying ways to increase customer value to a telecom provider
  • Customer Experience Management: Managing customer relationship and creating customer experience to garner more value from the customers and reduce churn
  • Customer Churn Management: identifying customers who are likely to churn and formulating engagement plan for them for those customers

Operations Analytics

  • Network Utilization & Management: Track and monitor network utilization for optimal usage of network and improving service
  • Call Center Planning: Forecasting and planning for call center  efficiency

Product & Pricing Analytics

  • New Products & offers: Identifying new products and offers based on customer usage patterns and industry trends
  • Product & Offer Pricing: Pricing products and customers effectively based on competitors analysis and trends

Partnership Analytics

  • Vendor Relationship & Reward Management: Tracking performance of vendors, and formulating  vendor reward management

 Analytics Delivery Functional Architecture

Telecom-Analytics Functional Architecture

Telecom-Analytics Functional Architecture

Telecom: Subscriber Churn Prediction